About Us

My name is Alex. With my team, I've launched trustedlocal.com to make it easy for buyers and providers of services to get together.

Instead of trawling through traditional directories trustedlocal offers clients:

  • easy access to traders in 'one hit' - if they think they're suitable for your job they come to you
  • advice that really helps you - as you go through getting a job performed you will be presented with useful, relevant advice, every step of the way.

When you provide services (act as a trader) through trustedlocal.com, you will experience:

  • visibility of all jobs listed, choose those jobs that interest you

Whether you are a trader or client for a job, trustedlocal will at all times be:

  • transparent and open
  • mindful of confidentiality
  • ready to talk to you anytime.

If you'd like to contact us, please click here.