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When do you want the photography?

How would you like the photos?


Albums – most photographers offer a choice of albums.
Prints only - a selection of photographs are taken and often presented in a flip type portfolio.

Number of guests attending wedding
Would you like any extra photo sessions before or after the wedding?

What budget do you have in mind?


Your budget will influence:

  • the quality of albums, if you want any;
  • the time your photographer is able to spend before, during and after the wedding on your images;
  • the number of photos they will provide;
  • and of course the type of photographer who will be interested in quoting.

Try to budget £1,000+ for quotes from the full range of wedding photographers.
Otherwise consider an album at a later date or cutting back on other additions.
What does wedding photography cost?

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Wedding venue (if known):
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Suppliers often respond within hours, but try to allow a few days

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